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Past, Present & Your Future

What is Past, Present & Your Future?

Past, Present & Your Future is a 2.5 -day course designed to equip ex-offenders to understand their past convictions and its potential implications on finding employment, be better prepared to enter the world of work, and becoming a positive factor to the local community and economy.


The course covers:

• Criminal record checks for employment

a). DBS – Basic, Standard and Enhanced

b). What careers need, types of checks

c). Subject Access Requests

• Understanding criminal records (including Military if applicable)

a). What is spent and unspent

b). How to work out when a conviction is spent

c). Cautions

• Probation Restrictions

• To disclose or not

a). Legal requirements under ROA Act

• When and how to disclose

• Self-declaration statement

• Identifying Barriers

• Challenging Barriers

• Moving forward in the future

a). How to apply for jobs with a conviction

b). Where to look for employment/hidden jobs market

c). Employers who work with ex-offenders