achieving change through enterprising solutions


Actes engages in projects that promote the importance of environmental sustainability and the need for individuals to take responsibility for taking action and making improvements within their own communities. 

Climate Action Middlesbrough

Climate Action Middlesbrough (CAM) is a National Lottery funded programme which aims to facilitate reductions in Middlesbrough’s carbon footprint and encourage a change towards more sustainable lifestyles. Actes are working with a range of organisations and businesses, such as Middlesbrough Environment City (programme Lead), Middlesbrough Council, LINX Youth Project, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Thirteen Group and various education organisations. Climate Action Middlesbrough programme is divided into two strands.

Sustained changes in individual, community, and organisational behaviours in relation to climate change.

Increased community action across the areas of sustainable food, transport, domestic energy, waste, and the natural environment.

Over the course of the programme, CAM will engage the wider community through intergeneration activities with young people at the forefront of tackling climate change. To find out more, click here. 


Herbs for Health

Herbs for Health is a course that helps Middlesbrough-residents build the skills and confidence to identify, forage and grow herbs and weeds to harvest. To find out more, click here.