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What is Trending?

Trending is a new concept clothing bank which provides good quality free clothing to people living in Middlesbrough. Actes initially secured funding from the Talent Match Middlesbrough's Innovation Fund and Middlesbrough's Financial Inclusion Group to open Trending, which aims to reduce the stigma attached to receiving clothing donations. More recently it secured funds from the National Lottery Community Fund. The project aims to supply formal, casual clothing and work wear to individuals so that they can be better equipped for employment, education and training. It also provides casual clothing for those without disposable income.

Trending received the 2017 Community Health Development Award from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) for its contribution to community health and wellbeing.

Who can it help?

Trending can supply clothing to people living in Middlesbrough.

What support is available?

Trending provides good quality clothing which has been washed, ironed and made fit for purpose to those who need it. People can access clothing without any money changing hands from the boutique inspired Trending shop which is supported by the Trending Facebook page. We hope that this enables people to accept free clothing donations with dignity as they are receiving the same shopping experience that they might get from any high street or online retailer.

Trending also provides opportunities for volunteering in Middlesbrough to people who would benefit from work experience.

How do I get in touch with Trending?

If you know someone who is in need of the service, would like to volunteer or donate clothing, contact Trending on 01642 232872 or search for on Facebook to find the virtual shop.