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Benefit Take-Up Campaign

What is the Benefit Take-Up Campaign?

The Benefit Take-Up Campaign is a collaborative money management initiative developed by the Middlesbrough Financial Inclusion Group (FIG) and funded by Middlesbrough Council to help people make sure they are claiming the correct benefits.

The project is about explaining benefits and making sure people know what they are entitled to. The benefits system can be complicated, and the aim of the campaign is to help people through it effectively.

Middlesbrough Council has provided funding and support to extend the Unclaimed Benefits Campaign (UBC) and integrate it with an existing Hub Advice Service under one project. 

Actes’ role within the programme is to provide direct engagement via its on-the-ground engagement team, the Walking Talkers, who are targeting communities where the events are taking place. Actes is providing a triage service for those attending appointments with advisers and it is also responsible for evaluating the success of the campaign.

Who can it help?

The Benefit Take-Up Campaign is designed to help anyone living in Middlesbrough.

What types of support are available?

Support is available in the form of one-to-one advice sessions which:

  • Provide advice regarding benefit entitlement;
  • Encourage people to engage with health-related services promoting a healthier lifestyle;
  • Engage with a range of other support service and advice available.

How do I get in touch with the Benefit Take-Up Campaign?

For further information about the Benefit Take-Up Campaign please contact Terrie Allinson at Actes on 01642 856 030 or email